Special rose to commemorate the tercentenary of the Meeting Room

The rose is to be called “Quaker Light” and is a white floribunda to honour the roots of Quakerism in Yorkshire. It is scented and very disease resistant and we hope the name will provoke questions about Quakerism.

The rose will be available at £8.50 each plus postage of approximately £5.

Orders (no money at this stage please) to Ruth C. Martin, ruth.quakerhealer@talktalk.net, or by post to The Quaker Meeting House, The Mint, Mill Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HB, stating number required and your contact details clearly please. Orders will be acknowledged.

The wet weather last winter followed by frost killed about half of the roses we had ordered and therefore some people will unfortunately not receive theirs this autumn.  All who have ordered and who may be affected have been informed.  Please accept our apologies for this disappointment.  However, the breeder has grafted some more which will be ready in autumn 2015, so everyone will eventually receive their roses.  We expect there to be some spare ones for delivery in 2015, so if you have not ordered yet please do so now.